WGCI ELITE was developed  to present a totally different venue for high income individuals and profile people who are tried of the invasive nature of the normal resorts or the tremendous cost of upkeep and maintenance of owning their own island or yacht.  It is also fabulous for high income or high profile  people who require medical care or medical services on routine basis



The Hotel will is the key-note feature of the project and requires the most attention. It has several main features that have never been done in very few places in the world if any. It is being built as a totally modular project and it is also a totally solar, green energy and wave energy project. This cause some major architectural and engineering challenges with how the construction will be built. Also, how the modules will be delivered to the location. This will be done by a method know as Vertical Envelopment. Unloading at sea by helicopter and brought to man made island and places in a predetermined location. The modular development of  a 500 room Five Star Hotels WorldGate Grand Plaza, 356 Luxury Villas and Estate Villas allows for the hotel and the villas to be built in a factory in the United States in a very controlled environment without have weather as a factor or delay in key components. The entire project is a self-contained solar, wind, wave energy and other green energy technologies project. All components will be installed at the Modular Direct facilities including solar panel connections connection to the roof and sides of the hotel ready for final connection by the onsite team on the location.  

The Five Star Hotels, Conventions Center, Ballrooms, Restaurants located in the hotel will be built by MODULAR DIRECT, utilizing the international acclaimed architect David L. Wallace. All interiors of the rooms will be outfitted by HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP with all components being purchased and compiled and then shipped by HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOCISTIC GROUP.  Each component in the process will be tagged and inventoried by Elastic M2M from deliver to the development process to the construction site at the location.  
The Hotel will be complete with all amenities including spas, full gyms, basketball indoor out door courts, Olympic pools and competition Championship tennis courts with 8,000 center seat court.

Each project will feature three hundred fifty-six (356) Luxury Villas and six Estate Villas. The Luxury Villas will range from 2 to 5 bedroom with 2 to 5 bathrooms models with the Estate Villas having 6 bedrooms and six bathrooms. The Luxury Villas will feature all amenity expected in Luxury very high-end Villas plus many not expected. The Estate Villas are fully customized to the owner requirements within the interior.

The Police Station which will also incorporate the onsite Fire Department will be all modular construction and built under the standards and specification of the latest law enforcement technology. The police and fire department will provide the most up to date equipment anywhere in the world to provide total protection of our guest, visitors and employees.

Each WprldGate Community International FACILITY will be equipped with the most advanced HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP  is responsible for the protection of the all WorldGate Community International development projects from UAV DRONEs.
HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGE GROUP is responsible for protecting this entire project with our UAVs, Drones, underwater Drones UUV and anti-drone technology. We will be protecting the project from the air, land and sea with drones and anti-drone technology.  

This and all our projects will require the largest concentration of UAV, UUV, DRONE and ANTI-DRONE technology ever used anywhere in the world. The different types of UAV DRONES to be flown and utilized for various applications will be in the hundreds at various time.  Each UAV DRONE and UUV application will require different sensors, cameras in the  payloads in different combinations. 
HVCC Anti-Drone Technology utilized in our DRONE DEFENSE SERIES will be stationed throughout the entire project to protect from intrusions of bad actor’s drones carrying explosives and lethal chemical agent.  We will be responsible for protection for bad actor’s camera taking pictures and videos of their very high-profile guest as well as the security from data stealing drone. HVCC will fly recon flights out to the 12-mile limit for territorial waters to provide escort for yachts against the new threats from pirates. Our UUV will patrol the marinas on a 24/7/365 bases to detect any underwater intrusion from bad actors or any dangerous conditions detected.