HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS, SOLAR  WIND AND OTHER GREEN ENERGY will be utilized throughout the entire project is based on the most advanced energy technologies including a 20 MW Solar Field, Solar Storage System, DER (Distributed energy resources), EMS (Energy Management Systems),  LUMA Solar shingles on all building structures, Solar Tiles on all roofs, advanced wind turbines, wave energy turbines, thermal coating on all walls, solar umbrellas at all areas, and even solar fabric curtains in all areas in the hotel and other buildings being developed by Penn State University. With over 100,000 window curtains on the property this will produce considerable additional solar power to our Solar Storage Systems. HVCC ENERGY GROUP will be working with Penn State on this application for WorldGate Communities International  projects. Every Solar, system send the energy to the energy storage systems which then sends to the DER System to be managed by the EMS system over the IO Microgrid Nanogrid to every building on the property.