LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC is involved in the development of major LNG STORAGE AND RELAY CENTERS around the world. 

The Center are designed to provide a massive amount of tank storage of LNG at location which can be relayed to other locations on demand. Each STORAGE CENTER will hold over 100 tank containing 1 MILLION MT of LNG per tank per storage farm.   

The centers will be strategically located to provide LNG STORAGE and RELAY CENTERS for major shipping of LNG, CRUDE OIL, BUNKER FUEL, DIESEL FUEL and AVIATION FUEL.  These LNG STORAGE and RELAY CENTERS & OIL STORAGE CENTER are part of the WorldGate Community International projects for Honor Valor Courage Corporation.  

​WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL  CORPORATION  is in the unique business of developing, designing and building full self-contained island projects which do not in any way tax the resources of the Sponsoring Island. We do not require funding, land, power, water etc. our projects are 100% built as a self-contained project, private funded and built from the sea.

WorldGate Community International Corporation is planning many new Projects throughout the South Pacific,  Asia and Greater Caribbean, the Americas and in the United States. Mr. Butts the Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation stated that the team assembled for WorldGate Community International Corporation projects will be duplicated with buildings totaling over 3,500,000 square feet under roof at all our projects. WorldGate Community International can build our project anywhere in the world with this amazing team and technologies set forth. WorldGate Community International Corporation is a Delaware C Corporation 

WorldGate Community International is currently analyzing projects in throughout the Unites States, Greater Caribbean, South America, Central America and Asia.

WorldGate Community International projects are totally self-sufficient in every way and do not tax the Sponsoring  Island or local government resources in anyway. This is a very important feature of our developments and planning.

In fact, we do just the opposite we enhance the island or local government by adding services and programs to better the populous of the area with schools, educational opportunities, telecommute facilities, medical facilities, and transportation. Another great feature on our projects is the ability to add or replace any component of the project that the Sponsoring Island wants and that best fit the island’s needs. The size or the project remains the same at 500 acres. The project is built on a platform of special concert which makes the project completely resistance to hurricanes and other elements.