WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL  CORPORATION  will now be the  provider of IO Energy (Instant On Energy) through the agreement with Instant On Energy and Honor Valor Courage Corporation dated 10-5-2020 to provide Commercial and Government (Federal State Local) entity under this agreement all product for Instant On Energy. This agreement includes all microgrids, nanogrids, utilizing  Hydrogen Fuel Cells power with full solar storage lithium battery backup for Island Countries and US project.   

‚ÄčWe also will carry the complete line of all IO Energy products for the international Islands in the Greater Caribbean South Asia, South Pacific, Central America and South America. These products include SMART PANEL AND CONTROLS The IO-HUB platform aligns between the smart grid requirements and the consumers' desire for full visibility and control of the energy consumption at their premises. This IO-HUB:,

IO has secured a white label high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) lithium iron phosphate batteries for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Residential energy storage systems (ESS) are a crucial component to improving energy resiliency for homeowners.  Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures and black outs leave residential customers without power and feeling vulnerable, Insist on Security , 

30 Watt  Solar Powered LED Floodlight Innovative SMART All Night Capabilities, Remote Wifi Security HD Color Camera Retrofit for 150-250w Mh Bulb  excellent for walk ways and yacht slips, Customers impacted by outages may not have time to wait months for typical storage system installations. Mobile, ready to install and plug-in,

nstant On 5 kWh energy storage systems give you power now. Plug into an outlet and become resilient. 

WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL  CORPORATION  looks forward to offering our current clients and future the amazing products IO Energy bring to INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS and how microgrids & nanogrids can save your Island both in direst cost as well as grid down time.