​Quench Innovations Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC began in 2015 when Mel Gordon was hearing many news reports about our utility companies increasing the amounts of chlorine to convert recycled water into tap water “safe” to drink. We all know that fluoride is a poison that needed to be safely deposed of so they added it to our tap water. Bottled water is growing in popularity despite its high cost and its negative plastic environmental impact. Drought conditions are growing even as our global population is demanding “their rights” to have more clean water.

Mel and Isabel Gordon, principals of Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC, share the vision of supplying your home, office, hospital, or industry with your pure water needs.


​​​​                                                                           Key Features of AwG-H Series

Largest Atmospheric Water Generator in the World
Highly-inventive Technology including Pre-Heat Technology,
Energy-efficient Bitzer CSH Series Semi-hermetic Compact Screw Compressor Technology, and Allen-Bradley PLC Control
For use in Commercial, Residential, Marine, Industrial, Military, Farming and Agriculture, Water Supply, Irrigation, Drinking Water, Deployment, Disaster Relief Areas, and Water Plants
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is optional for AwG-50 and larger. PLC is a series of attachments for remote monitoring and diagnostics from the manufacturer’s office.

It will alert in real-time either you or our factory of any situation with your water generator and communicate the problem to you as quickly as possible.
The computerized system will also assist the water generator in working at its highest performance in producing water.
With this (PLC) we will be capable of helping in any maintenance issues if one arrives and be able to assist the situation until it is resolved.
Also capable of notifying you if it’s time to change the filter making this a simple and easy alternative then troubleshooting the situation manually.
Reducing the stress of solving a maintenance problem without the use of manpower to monitor the situation.
The PLC will overall increase reliability in your purchase knowing your system will be operating at constant watch for maintenance if any situation is to arrive.

The United States EPA’s maximum contaminant level of total dissolved solids (TDS) for human consumption is 500 ppm.
Tap water typically has 160-170 ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS).
The AwG Generators produce water with only 20-25 ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS).
AwG production testing in a 24 Hours period in ambient air at 85° F; 70% Relative Humidity (Sea Level) which has a Water Vapor Density of 9 Grains per Cubic Foot of Moist Air. Increased production can result in ambient air higher temperatures or higher humidities.

Disclaimer: Daily production will be reduced as humidity levels drop closer to 40% Rh (AwG series) and 30% Rh (AwG-H series) and below.

WorldGate Community International projects will use deploy 100 strategic placed AwG-640 units which will provide 1,000,000 gallon of clean fresh water a day for drinking, food service, bars, showers etc.

Peak Power: 564 KW
Humidity Range: 40-100%                                                                                 
24hr. Capacity: 10,000 Gallons
Liters: 37,854 Liters
Height: 100″ | 254 cm
Width: 90″ | 229 cm
Length: 1032″ | 2,621 cm