ZeroMass Water and WorldGate Community International will collaborate on very large-scale applications for their SOURCE technology which creates pure drinking water from the air and sunlight. This amazing Source Field Technology will be incorporated in the same manner as our solar array fields. The units look almost identical to our solar units and will be used to capture all required pure water for our guest and clients. This will be the largest project ever developed by ZeroMass Water. We are estimating over 15,000 total Sources Units will be utilized on the project for drinking water from our Source Array Farms. This will make 100,000 gallons of pure drinking water per day for our guest and visitors in the two WorldGate Community International Hotels, Medical Center, etc. . Additional Source Technology Units will be located through out the project to supple pure drinking water to each venue at the site of the venue. Units will be roof top and standalone units at each venue. This will increase the available pure drinking water to over 150,000 gallons per day. Lower lever desalinated units will be used for the showers and toilets as well as for lawn care and cleaning.