The combination of modular building technologies from Modular Direct, the credibly and experienced architect David L. Wallace, shipping and logistic technologies from HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, the use of Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) Technology and the ability to utilize Monetized Asset Financing (MAF) with project monetized value plus compound interest over the next 20 years at 6% per year.

Monetizing Asset Financing allows for the application of the use of Capital Bonds, Notes and 506 Regulation D Filings for project financing on each part of the project without the need for doing overall financing of the project. This is critical in the financial planning for all WorldGate Community International Projects. This also allows for cross financing of projects where an investor wants to invest in multiply projects, but only in certain areas of interest IE: Hotels.

This allows for a complete and detailed financial model and prospectus for each project. The only variation in the model is the cost of the island or  lease not the construction or infrastructure. We do not build the project on the island we purchase or lease. The project is built from the sea with Deep Concrete Mixing Technology and attached to the existing island property which then become part of our total project providing unimaginable beauty of the natural environment. All building will sit on fully conditioned and artificial developed land that is created on top of concrete. In affect we are creating new islands from the sea.

Each WorldGate Community international project is regerister  as a  separate LLC. Each LLC. utilizes the a project CapEx setaside in a securied escrowed account with a breakeven escrow at 1% of the project CAPEX after consideration of Build to Own, In-Kind and Naming Rights off sets.