WorldGate Community International is involed in the development of Indian Nations project to revitilize and build facilities for the tribes. We have developed revenue project thought the use of solar and Natural Gas  LNG to build homes, schools and drug rehab facilities. 

WorldGate Community International  also will be providing educational classes to the Indian Schools on Reservations through Interactive College Networks Indian Nations programs. This is an amazing program which WorldGate Community International supports and provides. 

WorldGate Community International is working with our Builders and Architects  (Modular Direct and David L. Wallace) who are building our WorldGate Community International project in The Greater Caribbean, United States, South America, Central America, Europe and Asia to build homes and drug Rehab facilities on the Reservatiions. These are preminum quaility home and facilities. 

WorldGate Community International is planning to revitalize five reservations in the next  5 years with need homes and drug rehab centers.