WorldGate Community International is currently a division of Honor Valor Courage Corporation.WorldGate Community International  will  developed as a a subsidiary with each individual Sponsored Island being a separated LLC.  

We quickly recognized the existing model of development that was being talked about was too costly and time consuming, so the project was not being done. Most large-scale project in the Caribbean as well as other parts of the world were being avoided by the governments of the Islands because of the requirements of resources required, available land for the large project and financing for the projects. 

Mr. Butts understood that a multidisciplinary approach was needed which was the same approach he has been utilizing for Honor Valor Courage Corporation and one he had learned in the Marine Corps. The ability to bring many companies assets to bear on the issue or problem to solve it is fundamental to the success of the projects in the Islands.  His THEORY of BIG also played an important part. Big projects bring big results. 

Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a facilitator of projects, programs and developments set up to provide one company with over seventeen division collectively known as the HVCC Family of Companies to represent and support our veterans. We support all veterans from many different backgrounds, but with one common connections, they are veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is involved in several main areas, Sponsored Island Development, defense, educations, careers and health services for our veterans. We also serve as a referring center for other companies and individuals who wish to support our Veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is Veteran owned and SDVOSB qualified.                                                                                                             
 All companies support veterans through fifteen percent of their net profits to The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATION INSTITUTE www.hvcceducationalinstitute.com Honor Valor Courage Corporation also has an affiliate owned company program where their companies and LLCs pledged to support the Institute through profits, technology  and other valuable services. We thank all our Family of Supporting Companies for the generosity in support of our Veterans. 

 Honor Valor Courage Corporation is focused on creating careers, educating all our Veterans. Currently we are focused on Project Developments, UAV DRONE Technology, Solar & Wind Technology, Assembly & Logistic. Modular Construction, Deep Cement Mixing Technology and EPW Defense around the world.

 All the Honor Valor Courage Campus and the National Veterans Educational Institute are built to provide a very different learning experience. One that incorporates classrooms, practical experience and interfacing with world experts in an environment in which all these elements come together.